You can't put a price on your health!

Cold • High Cholesterol • Cough • Increase Energy • Sinus/Allergies • Weight Loss • Sore Throat
Ease Stomach Cramps • Inflammation • Nausea • Joint Pain • Migraines • Headache
Boost Sex Drive • Viruses • Hair Growth • Blood Pressure • Blood Sugars • Skin Glow
Eliminate Mucus • Immune Support • Gout • Congestion • Asthma • Seizures

The Story of Immune Defense Juice

Hi, I'm Ashley with Immune Defense Juice. The drink got its start from my husband Dexter's grandmother. She created this drink for her family to take for a cold, cough, or just to help with energy. After she passed, Dexter kept this tradition going with his own family. He would make our family some juice any time we need some help with sinus trouble or energy.

When the pandemic hit, I had a few friends that had the virus so I made them some of our Immune Defense Juice and they were better the next day. After that spread around, we started selling the juice to our community and every day the volume of the business had increased! That's the story of where we started.


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Proprietary Ingredients

Lamiaceae Cassava Root Burdock Root Garlic Ginger
Raw Honey Lemon Cinnamon Other Natural

Directions for Use

Adults – Take 3-4 ounces for a 180lb Adult in the morning.
Children (6-12) – Take 2 ounces for a 90lb Child in the morning.

You may take up to twice per day. Warning, if taken late at night, it may cause loss of sleep.